Avril now lives in Canada, but hails from Cumbria, England, with Celtic roots reaching back into Wales and Ireland. Maybe that's why the ancient legends of the British Isles hold such fascination for her. Her handsome heroes are flawed, her gutsy heroines challenged, and her wicked villains...well, they are indeed quite wicked, with perhaps one or two redeeming qualities! In her novels, Avril serves up a generous amount of conflict and resolution, throws in a healthy scoop of romance and a generous sprinkling of magic. Her first novel, 'Triskele' - based on the legend of the last wolf in England - is currently being revised and should be available this summer (2014). The plot of her completed novel, 'The Cast Of A Stone', came to her while watching a rugby match between Wales and England. Unfortunately, she can't remember who won the match. She was too busy making notes.
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I have stood on a windswept mountain top,
face to the sky,
lungs full of sweet, clean air.
Untouchable, immortal.
I am inspired.

I have lain 'tween sheets stained with shame,
seeking love and solace,
heart full of bitter, tarnished reality.
Corruptible, transient.
I am taught.

I have danced on soft green grass,
cool beneath my feet,
sipped rosehip wine in the shade
of weeping willows.
I am soothed.

I have stumbled on ragged rocks,
led astray by false direction,
wretched tears falling into
bottomless obsidian pools.
I am undefeated.

I am humble. I have my pride.
I have my dreams. I have my memories
I am foolish. I am wise.

I am. Simply. Me.

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