I have stood on a windswept mountain top,
face to the sky,
lungs full of sweet, clean air.
Untouchable, immortal.
I am inspired.

I have lain 'tween sheets stained with shame,
seeking love and solace,
heart full of bitter, tarnished reality.
Corruptible, transient.
I am taught.

I have danced on soft green grass,
cool beneath my feet,
sipped rosehip wine in the shade
of weeping willows.
I am soothed.

I have stumbled on ragged rocks,
led astray by false direction,
wretched tears falling into
bottomless obsidian pools.
I am undefeated.

I am humble. I have my pride.
I have my dreams. I have my memories
I am foolish. I am wise.

I am. Simply. Me.

  • Teresa J. said..
    Lovely. Romantic. Evocative. Stimulating yet calming..... :)
    June 28, 2013
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