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Avril was born and raised in the beautiful and historic region of Cumbria, northwest England, but now resides in Ontario, Canada. A lover of history, legend, and romance, her books embrace those elements. Her Celtic roots also weave their way through much of her writing, and she does have a wee bit of a dark side too, which sneaks out now and then.

She also has a pretty amazing family, some fantastic friends, and a very cute pooch.

Feedback on her books is welcome, and replies to emails (providing they make it safely into her inbox) are guaranteed.

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I’ve been writing poems and stories since I was a kid. I used to write poems for my mum (oh, how I miss my mum!). After she died, I actually found some of them tucked away in an envelope. I had no idea she’d kept them. Needless to say, I was a complete mess by the time I’d finished reading them. Some of them I don’t even remember writing!
I read a lot as a kid, too. Got my hands on many of the classics – Heidi, Black Beauty, Jane Eyre (still my fave). Loved fairy tales and fables. I devoured the ‘Adventure’ series, by Enid Blyton. I also had the full set of ‘The Chalet School’ books – a series about an Englishwoman who opened up a school for girls in the Austrian Tyrol. One of the main characters was a girl name Jo (short for Josephine) who aspired to become a novelist. She was my favourite character in the books. And in the end, she became a novelist. A successful one, as well!
But for me to become a novelist – well, that was something surely out of reach. Or so I thought at one time. I started late, but hey, better late than never. Here I am, several books later, with others due out this year.
Mum would be proud. Actually, I’d like to think she is proud, watching me from the other side. Maybe she’s the one who pushed me to finally write a book! Who knows? Such fanciful thoughts! But then, I’m a writer, so it's allowed. Fanciful thoughts are part of my regime.
More to come on that! Hope you’ll stick around, and I hope you enjoy my stories!



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